Paper Preservation
Archival Paper Preservation Paper restoration
The aging of acid paper is destroying our printed national heritage.

Until now treatments to prevent this deterioration have been so cost-prohibitive that they effectively have no priority for most of our libraries and archives due to low or no funding. Less than 25% of our institutions allocate funds for preservation while over 270 million rare and unique books, periodicals and documents are dying.

In order to preserve rare publications and books we should invest a lot. Taking personal loans can stave off deteriorations of printed heritage.

What can be done?  

Provenance LLC creates value engineered solutions
-   Reduce aerosol, pump and bulk spray deacidification costs by more than 2/3
-   Utilize patented, high thru-put sonic bed technology to deacidify manuscripts
-   Develop on-site preservation systems
compatible with electronic preservation
-   Dynamically link Provenance's new tools to national and local funding sources
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